An Approach to Learning & Grading to Fulfill Our Promise

We promise to provide a supportive environment where unique learning experiences empower ALL for their chosen life adventure.

Standards-Based Education

Standards-Based Education identifies, communicates, and supports what students know and what they can do.

The goal of Standards-Based Education is alignment and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Standards-Based Grading? A1. Standards-Based Grading means that grades are connected to descriptive standards. The success criteria used to determine what “meeting a standard” means is defined in advance, often in a rubric, and teachers evaluate learning progress and academic achievement in relation to the success criteria.

Q2. Why is JWP Elementary changing to this new grading system? A2. JWP Elementary is changing to a standards-based grading system in an effort to achieve our goal of creating a guaranteed and viable curriculum while fulfilling our promise to create a supportive environment where unique learning experiences empower ALL learners for their chosen life adventure. Within a standards-based grading system learners have a clearer understanding of what they know and what they can do, while working with their teachers to continuously grow in their knowledge and skills.

Q3. What do the scores on the report card mean? A3. JWP rubrics use four levels of measurement: Beginning, Approaching, Meeting, and Exceeding. These levels are also numerical from 1-4. The goal is to facilitate learning for students to achieve a Meeting (3) or higher on every standard.

Q4. Will behavior and effort be recorded on the report card? A4. Yes. In a standards-based grading system, behavior and effort are reported separately from the academic skills. These are referred to as Learning Habits and use a scale of Regularly, Sometimes, and Not Yet.

Q5. How do I get more information? A5. For more information connect with your child's teacher, Jeff Adams, Elementary Principal ( or Claudia Roesler, Director of Teaching & Learning (